Alabama White (AW) Marble is an architectural stone that has been utilized in building construction for well over a century. There is, without a doubt, an established demand for AW that has been largely unfulfilled and is poised for significant and immediate growth. With the help of AM3, we have revitalized the availability of this product by offering a highly sought after and durable material to builders domestically and internationally. 

Alabama White boasts in beauty with its lavish design and unparalleled composition. Its white base with dark grey veining has jaws dropping from all over, as this stunning material not only provides a luxurious appeal, but a substantial element to high-end developments. AW is available in several hues to match your style preferences in order to best replicate the various design applications.

Alabama White Marble is available in unique colors and patterns. View our selection of marble products.

Alabama White Marble

DENSITY (lb/ft³)- 169.49

A Long History of Quality Stone.

Since ancient 18th century Greek sculpture and architecture, white marble has been the quintessential representation of beauty, luxury and artistry. For the past century, however, Alabama White Marble has set those standards even higher.
Famed sculptor Giuseppe Moretti once said, “…the white marble of Tallegeda County is the finest marble in the world, and it is here in unlimited quantity.”
This bed of lustrous stone runs about 32 miles long, a mile and a half wide and more than 600 feet deep, and AM3 is the world’s only producer of this legendary Alabama White Marble.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the whitest marble in the world?

Sylacauga marble, also known as Alabama Marble is known to be the world’s whitest marble. Named after the town of Sylacauga, Alabama, which is sometimes called “The Marble City”, this distinctive white marble is extremely identical to Carrara Marble found in Italy. Similar to the popular Italian marble, this American stone found in the Alabama marble quarry features elegant gray veining.

Is marble suitable for countertop applications?

Yes! When it comes to choosing countertops, classic white marble is a top choice. Marble is timeless and beautiful. It is a perfect stone for kitchens and baths. Marble takes on character and is more beautiful over time. We also use a Bullet Proof sealer to protect it and keep the stone looking as good as new.

Is Alabama marble only available in white?

Although Alabama white marble is the most widely known in the market, marble is available in several hues with veining in grey, pink, gold and more. At AM3, we offer different types of marble for any style.

What's the difference between marble and granite?

Marble and granite share many similarities. They are both natural stones and each have unique patterns that can’t be replicated. The main difference between granite and marble for many is the look. Marble countertops offer a classic, elegant feel that is hard to match. White marble also has a luxurious look that can’t be mimicked.

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