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Love the elegant beauty of Alabama white marble and have a decorating, design or building project on your to do list? You need to check out AM3 Surfaces’ new showroom in Pelham. Here’s what we discovered on our recent private sip ‘n stroll tour. 

AM3 Surfaces showroom
Denise McDonald, Sales; Cathy Green, Office Manager; Christopher Riggins, Sales + Christy Reams, Sales (not pictured). Photo via Mary Fehr for Bham Now

Did you know we have the world’s whitest marble here in Alabama?

the front room at AM3 Surfaces in Pelham
The front room at AM3 Surfaces is so inviting. Photo via Mary Fehr for Bham Now

Before we headed down to Pelham, we brushed up on the “finest marble in the world” and why architects and designers across the country love Alabama marble.

Upon arrival, Cathy Green, Office Manager, and Denise McDonald, Sales, welcomed us to the showroom. 

Before they opened in the summer of 2020, AM3 Stone planned on hosting monthly sip ‘n strolls for local designers and Realtors. Unfortunately, COVID had other plans. 

So, I asked them to walk us through what a typical sip ‘n stroll might be like, once the pandemic’s in the rearview mirror.

Fun fact: they love four-legged critters and are happy to babysit yours while you shop.

Ready to check it out? Visit AM3 Surfaces’ website today.


The showroom: a one-stop shop to create a space you’ll love

Marble samples, AM3 Surfaces showroom
Marble samples at AM3 Surfaces. Photo via Mary Fehr for Bham Now

The first thing you notice when you enter the showroom is the marble. Beautiful and varied hues, each with its own warmth and personality, are everywhere. Sample squares and rectangles line the walls. There’s a gorgeous tiled flower pattern in the middle of the floor as  you come in. 

The table where they’ll have the wine and charcuterie board set up when it’s time to host those long-awaited sip ‘n strolls is made of Alabama marble and multihued wood, too. 

Once you have a  moment to take it in, you’ll learn some pretty cool things about the history of the marble and where it comes from

The design process: how to upgrade your space and make it fancy

book of ideas for what to do with marble and other stone, AM3 Surfaces showroom
Ideabook at AM3 Surfaces. Photo via Mary Fehr at Bham Now

After the broad overview, it’s time to start imagining how these gorgeous materials could help your space undergo a major upgrade. 

This is where Christy Reams, AM3 Surfaces’ in-house designer, comes in. Have you got wood, hardwood floors, a fixture or cabinet door you need to match? No problem. They’ll work with you. 

Want to create a kitchen island with an Alabama rose perimeter surrounding soapstone?  They’ll help you with that, too.

Slabs in the back

marble slabs

Marble slabs at the AM3 Surfaces showroom. Photo via Mary Fehr for Bham Now

marble slabs

These slabs are so beautiful, some of them look like paintings. Photo via Mary Fehr for Bham Now

On the way to the back room, where they keep the slabs, is a design room. Guests can sit at a custom-designed marble table and view a digital layout of their project on a TV. 

The final stop is the back room, where they keep a few slabs on hand to give customers an idea of what the stones look and feel like. At AM3 Stone’s warehouse in Bessemer, they keep 1500 slabs at a time. The best part? You get to choose which one you want.

These are the three most popular finishes:

  • polished marble, for a traditional presentation
  • “honed” marble, which is a more contemporary matte finish
  • leathered marble, a textured matte finish

Because marble is porous, a lot of people are afraid to use it in their home, thinking that the first glass of wine or grape juice will ruin it. But, according to the folks at AM3 Surfaces, a new sealer called More Surface Care is a game changer. For home use, it has a lifetime warranty, so if the marble stains, they’ll repair or replace it. For commercial use, they guarantee it for 10 years. 

AM3 Surfaces offers direct pricing and ships samples anywhere

marble tile samples, AM3 Surfaces showroom
AM3 Surfaces will ship samples anywhere. Photo via Mary Fehr for Bham Now

Samples: AM3 Surfaces ships samples all over the country and even the world. Believe it or not, people in Italy actually love Alabama marble because it’s more dense than Italian marble. 

Fun fact: when you buy a countertop from AM3 Surfaces, they can provide the story of your countertop from the ground to the kitchen, and even have videos in a lot of cases.