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AM3 Stone and Material Bank have partnered to make marble sample ordering simple, quick, and sustainable.

What is Material Bank?

Material Bank is the world’s largest material marketplace for the architecture and design community.

Partnering with hundreds of leading brands, Material Bank allows designers to create online finish boards while quickly searching through thousands of materials. All project samples are then overnighted in one box to your office by 10:30 am the next day. Through this free service, design professionals can discover new brands and products, and turn hours of work into minutes.

Material Bank Sample Boxes

AM3 Stone on Material Bank

Want to see which Alabama Marble product would look stunning in your new design? Material Bank has marble samples of all Alabama Marble color collections including Alabama Rose, Creme Extra, Silver Cloud, Alabama Scuro, and Vinculus. Whether you are interested in slabs, tiles, or mosaics, Material Bank can overnight samples of all Alabama Marble products.

Alabama Marble is more accessible than ever and that’s material to great design.